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R. Jeff Green, President

R. Jeff Green, President

Investment Advisor Representative

I became a Regional Manager for GE Capital Financial Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1985. As a Six Sigma advocate, I led the region in defining, measuring, analyzing and improving the service side of our industry, which led me to Houston in 1993.

In 1997 I recognized a serious need to finance long-term care. I pursued the next step in my career by joining a sister company called GE Capital Assurance as a Regional Manager in Houston. I obtained an insurance license (which I still hold today) to leverage insurance to solve this problem. This gave me significant insight as to how our aging population was choosing to address the high cost of care. The result: nine out of ten families have chosen to self insure.

Safe Asset Strategies, LLC was established by me in 2000 to address the 90% of those who face the high cost of care. Alternative solutions to private pay became a necessity. I had no choice but to learn as much as I could on how Medicaid and the VA could be alternative solutions.

Estate Planning Attorneys soon recognized that my background would be extremely valuable to their practices. I could solve problems for their clients that they could not. On the other hand, my Safe Asset Strategy clients needed estate planning that I could not provide. Thus, I have worked inside a law firm since 2002 while maintaining my own clients' needs.

A new insight began to develop as I was a witness to hundreds of estate planning client portfolios. What I saw was shocking. The average returns on retirement accounts were dismal. How could this be when an S&P 500 index, on its own, averages 10%? According to Dalbar (who is the financial communities leading, independent experts on investment behavior), the average real returns for an investor are subpar.

I am the President of RightWay Investments, PLLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm (which has mandatory Fiduciary Standards) that was formed in 2013 to serve individuals and families with their investment needs. This next step has allowed me to revolutionize how my clients think about their retirement future and their American Dream.

Statistics show there are about 310,000 financial planners in this country today, of which 13,000 are considered an RIA firm. But only about 5,600 of those firms are an RIA only. This means only 2% holds themselves to a Fiduciary Standard where they place their client’s interest ahead of their own. RightWay Investments, PLLC is one of that 2 %.

In summary, I am proud to say, of that 2%, very few have an 18-year background in an estate planning law firm, a background in financing long-term care, including an understanding of government regulations, and have also excelled in a Fortune 500 Company.


How does one Navigate the FOG of Investing?

  • Own a Diversified Portfolio
  • Rebalance
  • Stay Discipline
  • Have a Fiduciary Financial Advisor/Coach


  • Stock Picking
  • Market Timing
  • Track Record Investing


Ask me about the Noble Prize-winning
Markowitz Efficient Frontier.