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Fiduciary Investment Advisor

We believe that putting our clients’ best interests first is the only acceptable standard in business. RightWay Investments, PLLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, which means we have no obligation to a broker so we can be a true fiduciary. We partner only with the best institutions that share our standards.

A Different Standard in Investing

Many investors place their trust and life’s savings with Wall Street mutual fund managers. But Wall Street will speculate and gamble with their clients’ money by constantly trying to predict the future by stock picking, market timing and track record investing. Academic research has conclusively proven that this is a failing strategy that destroys the hard-earned life’s savings of every-day Americans. 

As a (1)Registered Investment Advisor, we will never gamble with our client’s savings. The portfolio we use is based on decades of published, peer-reviewed academic research from the top universities in the country. We use a globally diversified investment portfolio that is in 81 countries and has over 21,000 different stocks in the mutual funds. This allows investors to enjoy the safety that diversification brings and maximize their average rate of return. This is what we call an efficient portfolio. 

All of our investment portfolios adhere to the Modern Portfolio Theory, the Efficient Market Theory, and the Three-Factor Model. We are here to help investors pursue long-term results using the (2)Matson Method. With cutting-edge coaching technologies, we help investors stay disciplined throughout their lifetime.  Our portfolios are GIPS audited, thus we can be true to what we say are we can do. Can your current advisor say the same?

(1) A registered investment adviser (RIA) is a firm that is an investment adviser in the United States, registered as such with the Securities and Exchange Commission or a state's securities agency.  They are required to act as a fiduciary, to always put the interests of their clients above their own interests. This is very different from broker-dealers and their representatives, who provide recommendations for a commission.

(2) Since Matson Money was founded in 1991, Mark Matson has not flinched once in his message of beginning with a purpose greater than money and investing based on free market principles.

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