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5 Step Process

1. Call for a Free Consultation

We will share who we are and what we do and if we can be of help to you.

2. Free Initial *Meeting with a Fiduciary Advisor Coach

We will go into more details of your goals and objectives and get you on track to achieve your American Dream

3. MRI Portfolio Review

Your portfolio will be examined through our proprietary Portfolio MRI.  We will discuss the efficiency of your portfolio, making sure it provides the highest possible return with the least amount of risk.

4. Additional *Meeting to Review all Objectives

Review where you are now and understand how to get to where you want to go.

5. Asset Management and Ongoing Education and Coaching

You will own a highly diversified portfolio using mutual funds that will contain more than 21,000 different holdings in 81 countries. We will continue to educate why we don’t market time, stock pick or do track record investing. Own a well-diversified portfolio and let the free market bring the return!

*Meetings can be mostly by Phone, ZOOM or FaceTime.  We will meet person to person per request and for any signed paper work.

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